Heating and Cooling

July 2, 2016

Gas Heating

At A1 Gas we have over 35 years’ gas and fuel experience. We can service, repair, and do installations on most Brands and we do CARBON MONOXIDE TESTING and safety check on  gas heaters.

Hot Water Systems

A1Gas plumbing in Melbourne and Geelong A1 Gas is proud to provide a wide range of hot water heating services to our clients in the Melbourne and Geelong area.

Heating systems and boilers should ideally be inspected on an annual basis to avoid unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Call A1 Gas today on 0413 941 894. We are available 24 hours a day to service your heating systems.

Air Conditioning System

Since 1992 our company, A1Gas, has built an unmatched reputation for giving consumers in the Melbourne and Geelong area value with regard to sales, service, storage, and other air-conditioning needs and products. Providing window and through-the-wall room air conditioners for apartments, homes, offices, cooperatives, condos, health-care and other facilities is a big part of our business. We have sold, serviced, overhauled, delivered and installed many air conditioners and combination heating and cooling units (which are also known as PTACs).

Our large volume enables us to offer low prices that include delivery and installation. Our experienced tradesmen give our customers worry-free maintenance; prolong a unit’s life; and result in greater efficiency. These are advantages you will not get from an appliance store or other so-called specialists. A1 Gas offers a free quote so you get an air conditioner that matches your actual needs. We carry Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, and other fine brands, and we service all major makes.

Heating system and boilers should ideally be inspected on an annual basis to avoid unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

We invite you to further explore our web site, www.a1gas.com and to email us atinfo@a1gas.com.